About Us

We are a web-security team based in Stockholm, Sweden. We have worked with security on the Internet since 2002. Our focus has been Open Source and is today WordPress but we contribute to the Open Source Community in other system as well.

Safe browsing

Our premium servers with highest security standard enforce users with a safe experience. 

Website Shield

SSL and Industry leading hosting security. For fast browsing all around the globe, we deliver a high-end CDN.

Innovative security

We scan and analyze files, changes and also block bad web traffic and DDoS attacks.

“It feels good to have Secuureit by our side to secure our IT-infrastructure and website. As bonus, we can always contact them for help with any web related issue. ”

Andreas Franzén, Director Fog Building Group

A Team of Experts Behind the Wheel

We have worked with Open Source, websites and IT-security since 2002. We are a team with IT-professionals that want to deliver a more secure IT-environment for regular business and organizations.

Often web security is long down on the todo list if it’s there, and today we have hundreds of thousands of websites that are vulnerable and open for attacks, malware, virus and other spam-related hacks. Also, the DNS security on over 80% of registered and public used domains is lacking security. When banking and all IoT (Internet of Things) move to the Internet it’s more important to take security seriously. If you lock your home and Office, then you also should put a lock and alarm on your IT-infrastructure and website.

Viktor Grahn

CEO, Founder

Patrik Evans


Patrik Klang

Programmer, Security

Anna Cendrowicz

Head of Sales



We secure 3on group and customers. We secure hundreds of websites.


One of Swedens fastest growing building company trusts us to take care of web security.


We have the trust to secure Publynow DNS, website.